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A Path's Way

Happy New Year!

Every author of every article and blog I have read in 2019 has begun their first post of the year with reflection of 2018 and anticipation of 2019. Appropriate - yes. Predictable - extremely! While important, my first post of the year will not be about diets, exercise or other resolutions. However, whatever your goals are: champion introspection, interrupt rumination, and delve into discipline. 

Being a bonafide Millennial, I find perspective in the old green screen computer game Oregon Trail. Anyone of my peers can tell you that this game taught you valuable lessons in decision-making, hardships, family life, medicine, economics, and, most importantly, following a path to pursue a dream. But let's be honest, playing a video game - at school - was the real reason we all liked it. As I recently flew above the Rocky Mountains, I thought about playing that game in grade school. I thought about those early pioneers traversing our great nation in search of a better life …