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A Labor of Love

Happy Labor Day!

Fall doesn't officially begin until September 22nd, but let's be honest, the signs of Autumn are in full swing. The pools are closed. The Buckeye Battle Cry has once again permeated the quickly cooling air. Oktoberfest and everything pumpkin are fresh on the shelves. Fantasy football drafts have concluded and we Browns fans have that weird twitch in our eye; biology's inherent warning that the poor eye's sights have once again been trumped by the brain's delusions of grandeur. Surely, an undefeated preseason could lead to a Brown's Super Bowl victory! Perhaps I read last month's blog article, Calling for a Ton of "Can", too many times (shameless plug).

Labor Day always makes me think of the phrase "a labor of love." The infamous idiom has biblical origins, and when I was young I needed more than a prayer to understand it. Looking back, I believe my late grandmother was responsible for finally indoctrinating this doctor. Ev…