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7 Irish Dental Blessings

Happy St. Patrick's Day!      Spring is trying to arrive. Students and teachers are enjoying a well deserved break. And March Madness is in full swing. Congratulations to Asst. Coach Bryce Crawford, his wife Hallie (Kloots), and the UMBC Retrievers on making history! I'm an Eagle Scout. The Scout motto is "Be Prepared." Great words to live by- including your dental visits! A great deal of preparation and orchestration goes into your dental appointment. We have to because our office can have forty to fifty of them in one day! Some appointments we can prepare for months in advance, while others only minutes. The key to keeping a successful and efficient schedule is a great deal of hard work on our end, but just as important, educating our patients on what we need from you.

Below are 7 Irish Dental Blessings for a positive office experience!  #1 — Arrive early for your appointment, so you have adequate time to find parking and check-in. The biggest reason our schedules run…