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5 Resolute Resolutions

Where did the end of 2017 go! Life in the office during November and December paralleled that of the holiday season: hustle and bustle. The end of the year is our busiest time of year. Patients were out of school, home from college, using up their left over vacation days, visiting from out of town and trying to get in those last insurance benefits. Don't forget our beloved snowbirds completing their checklists for their annual migration down south and out west. Of course, there were also plenty of broken teeth from holiday caramels, candies, nuts etc. Speaking of those holiday treats, grazie mille(thank you a thousand times) to everyone who brought something in for our staff. It shocks me every year how many patients remember our office during the holidays with cards and goodies. We loved every cookie, chocolate, pecan, cashew, poinsettia, ham, bagel, pastry, sandwich and everything in between. Yes, we had to exercise a little more and yes we brushed and flossed our teeth after lu…