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Implanting some Dental Implant Knowledge

Dental implants have been helping to replace missing teeth since Cupid's bow struck Dr. George Sr! 

They can be utilized to replace a single tooth, or multiple implants can replace a section of teeth, all upper and lower teeth, and can even help dentures stay in place.  Dental implants are an extremely valuable, viable, and durable prosthesis. In fact, they are our best technology to mimic natural teeth.  However, dental implants are not for everyone and require a great deal of planning and timeto achieve a successful result!
Similar in many respects to a joint prosthesis, dental implants are a biocompatible medical device placed in the body. Just like a total knee or hip replacement, diagnosis and treatment planning are vital to the long-term success of a dental implant. Furthermore, dental implants require a healing period before use (due to the laws of biology), may need future revisions, and can possibly be lost due to infection or bodily rejection. 
Dental implants rely on a bio…