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A Boomer & Millennial

Dad looked a little different at the office this past Wednesday. He had traded in his sterile white coat for a warm jacket with a silky sheen. He had swapped out his gray scrubs for a frothy pink dress-shirt and a wavy, oversized bowtie. He even had something on top of his head- bald joke not intended. Needless to say, Dad had gone mad! Never in his thirty-six years of practice, would Dad think his team would be treating patients dressed in Disney costumes. However, always the life of the party, the birthday Baby Boomer listened to his team of Millennials and had one of the most memorable days of his illustrious career. And, while you like your fair share of tricks, you are certainly a treat to work with. Happy Halloween and Happy 62nd Birthday Dr. George Sr! 

I’m no human Google, but I can think of no greater buzzword, except for maybe “selfie," than “Millennial.”It's a word that surprisingly elicits a polarized, emotional response for the majority of individuals and I believ…