A Path's Way

Happy New Year!

Every author of every article and blog I have read in 2019 has begun their first post of the year with reflection of 2018 and anticipation of 2019. Appropriate - yes. Predictable - extremely! While important, my first post of the year will not be about diets, exercise or other resolutions. However, whatever your goals are: champion introspection, interrupt rumination, and delve into discipline. 

Being a bonafide Millennial, I find perspective in the old green screen computer game Oregon Trail. Anyone of my peers can tell you that this game taught you valuable lessons in decision-making, hardships, family life, medicine, economics, and, most importantly, following a path to pursue a dream. But let's be honest, playing a video game - at school - was the real reason we all liked it. As I recently flew above the Rocky Mountains, I thought about playing that game in grade school. I thought about those early pioneers traversing our great nation in search of a better life …

A Boomer & Millennial

Dad looked a little different at the office this past Wednesday. He had traded in his sterile white coat for a warm jacket with a silky sheen. He had swapped out his gray scrubs for a frothy pink dress-shirt and a wavy, oversized bowtie. He even had something on top of his head- bald joke not intended. Needless to say, Dad had gone mad! Never in his thirty-six years of practice, would Dad think his team would be treating patients dressed in Disney costumes. However, always the life of the party, the birthday Baby Boomer listened to his team of Millennials and had one of the most memorable days of his illustrious career. And, while you like your fair share of tricks, you are certainly a treat to work with. Happy Halloween and Happy 62nd Birthday Dr. George Sr! 

I’m no human Google, but I can think of no greater buzzword, except for maybe “selfie," than “Millennial.”It's a word that surprisingly elicits a polarized, emotional response for the majority of individuals and I believ…


In the words of Aerosmith...I'm back in the saddle again! It's good to be back after a nice summer sabbatical. I needed it (see paragraph #2).

   I last left you with "Against All Odds: A Marathon Journey." I was incredibly humbled and grateful for the feedback, prayers, and well wishes for Leah and our family. 2,200 views from all over the world. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who read it. As an update, Leah is doing very well and she and Tony are excited to celebrate Jackson's first birthday later this month!

   It's hard to believe it has been a year since, A Labor of Love. So much as changed in one revolution around the sun. In the past twelve months, I've experienced our family tree grow with four new cousins. Our office family has also grown too! We welcomed Tori to the team as our office manager and also Lindsey's second child- Kase Frank. As is the circle of life, at 98 years, our grandfather (Jiddo) passed away. We continue to live his dr…

Against All Odds: A Marathon Journey

It was the worst day of my life... 
   Dr. George Sr. and I were having lunch at our desks on Wednesday September 20, 2017. It was a pretty normal day, somewhat slow, sun shining and hot. Dad was on the office line when his cell rang - a call from my aunt. I eagerly picked up the phone, awaiting news of my cousin who had been in labor. The news was grave.

I remember when I was small and the wind would call...

   My cousin Leah and I have been joined at the hip since birth. Although she is my elder by seven months, we have always considered ourselves "twins" - fraternal of course. We spent all of our developmental years together, growing up in Canton. Nostalgia calls to mind sporting terrible outfits from OshKosh B'Gosh, climbing trees, pool days at Hall of Fame, thrills at Geauga Lake, and a myriad of precious family gatherings, including annual trips to Myrtle Beach. However, our bond really strengthened in high school and college. High school is that weird time where you…

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Self

Welcome to our one year anniversary post! How quickly the time goes. Thank you for following, reading, and your feedback. It is always a pleasure writing for an engaged audience. Also, a huge thank you to my wife, Shannon, for writing this month's Guest Perspective post. Enjoy!

“They” say that the mouth is the gatewayto the rest of the body.By “they,” of course I mean my husband and all of the other dental nerds that are our friends. As dentists, they know that our mouths often show symptoms of other systemic health issues, and that proper dental care contributes to overall health. However, “they” also includes folks who are just trying to lead healthy lives, like me.For me, the “gateway to the body” concept goes beyond oral health (and trust me, I have a pretty solid brushing/flossing routine) - it’s also about healthy eating, an obviously important component of overall health.

In just the last few years, I’ve developed a new relationship with food: I’m still learning, but I’m star…

7 Irish Dental Blessings

Happy St. Patrick's Day!      Spring is trying to arrive. Students and teachers are enjoying a well deserved break. And March Madness is in full swing. Congratulations to Asst. Coach Bryce Crawford, his wife Hallie (Kloots), and the UMBC Retrievers on making history! I'm an Eagle Scout. The Scout motto is "Be Prepared." Great words to live by- including your dental visits! A great deal of preparation and orchestration goes into your dental appointment. We have to because our office can have forty to fifty of them in one day! Some appointments we can prepare for months in advance, while others only minutes. The key to keeping a successful and efficient schedule is a great deal of hard work on our end, but just as important, educating our patients on what we need from you.

Below are 7 Irish Dental Blessings for a positive office experience!  #1 — Arrive early for your appointment, so you have adequate time to find parking and check-in. The biggest reason our schedules run…

Implanting some Dental Implant Knowledge

Dental implants have been helping to replace missing teeth since Cupid's bow struck Dr. George Sr! 

They can be utilized to replace a single tooth, or multiple implants can replace a section of teeth, all upper and lower teeth, and can even help dentures stay in place.  Dental implants are an extremely valuable, viable, and durable prosthesis. In fact, they are our best technology to mimic natural teeth.  However, dental implants are not for everyone and require a great deal of planning and timeto achieve a successful result!
Similar in many respects to a joint prosthesis, dental implants are a biocompatible medical device placed in the body. Just like a total knee or hip replacement, diagnosis and treatment planning are vital to the long-term success of a dental implant. Furthermore, dental implants require a healing period before use (due to the laws of biology), may need future revisions, and can possibly be lost due to infection or bodily rejection. 
Dental implants rely on a bio…