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A Proud Pride

My apologies for the delay in posting our November blog post! Life happens.

Happy Veterans Day! We are thankful for the service of our country men and women. We appreciate daily the freedoms we hold so dear, made possible and protected by generations of veterans. Go out of your way to thank the veterans in your life and community, and not just today. A special thank you to our hygienist Joe! He's an Army guy and emulates all of the Army values: loyalty, duty, respect, selfless-service, honor, integrity, personal courage. These are values that should be woven into how we live our lives, to make ourselves, our community and our nation the best they can be. Thank you Joe, our numerous Canton dentists and dental team members, and to all who have served!

The word pride sends my head spinning. It's a simple word, one that a second grader could spell, or in my case, a fourth grader. However, like many emotions, it's much easier to "feel" than it is to articulate. Pride is…