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Healthy Mouth, Healthy Self

Welcome to our one year anniversary post! How quickly the time goes. Thank you for following, reading, and your feedback. It is always a pleasure writing for an engaged audience. Also, a huge thank you to my wife, Shannon, for writing this month's Guest Perspective post. Enjoy!

“They” say that the mouth is the gatewayto the rest of the body.By “they,” of course I mean my husband and all of the other dental nerds that are our friends. As dentists, they know that our mouths often show symptoms of other systemic health issues, and that proper dental care contributes to overall health. However, “they” also includes folks who are just trying to lead healthy lives, like me.For me, the “gateway to the body” concept goes beyond oral health (and trust me, I have a pretty solid brushing/flossing routine) - it’s also about healthy eating, an obviously important component of overall health.

In just the last few years, I’ve developed a new relationship with food: I’m still learning, but I’m star…