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Calling for a Ton of "Can"

Happy Hall of Fame Week! This is that special time every year where Canton looms large on the proverbial sporting map. Exciting events such as the Up, Up and Away 5K, the Balloon Classic, Style Show, HOF Parade, HOF Game, Enshrinement Ceremony and HOF Concert will bring stars, legends and visitors from near and far to celebrate not only a little game of pigskin, but more importantly, a town I am proud to call HOME. Canton has always been a special place to me because it's where my family landed (see Born in the USA: Our American Dream).  However, it's more than my home and it's much more than the birth place of football.  Canton is what you will see all week, a hardworking, collaborative, proud, hospitable and Midwestern valued people. However, we're a people who are flawed, have failed and have gone through tough times. Yet, those experiences have made us stronger, more resourceful and determined to be the best city and people we can be. This is truly what we celebrat…